Thursday, January 12, 2012

korea bucket list: everland (round one).

so, first things first: i love amusement parks. like, i love them. i'd heard about everland, so when a couple friends from work, brianna and kim, wanted to go one wednesday when we were all free, i couldn't resist. yeah, it's january. yeah, it's outdoors. but we thought it would still be a good time. (plus a friend of brianna's was visiting from the states, so it was a special occassion.)

everland is pretty damn adorable. totally decked out for the holidays/winter, too.

a fancy decorated fake tree! they reaaaaally take decorating seriously.

the ladies: kim, gina, brianna, yours truly.

first stop once we got into the park was food and hot chocolate. everyday is a holiday at everland resort! even in january when it's 19 degrees outside.

i'm sure this is supposed to say "anytime is funtime" but i like "an me is funtime" better.


nutcracker music was still playing in this area even though it's january. :)

the first ride we went on was called "global village" -- so it was basically they version of the small world ride at disneyland. nice cultural stereotypes, annoying little song, and creepy dolls. this was part of the display for the u.s. -- football and cowboys. you can see the small golden gate bridge that went overhead and on the other side was a display all about broadway. ha.

next was a ride on the royal jubilee carousel.

so, so cold.

and sleepy-looking.

3-d movie that was all in korean, but it was about little animals going on a quest, so it was still cute.

so they had a petting zoo... pretty standard, except when we went over to the sheep i noticed something odd -- they had rosy cheeks. yep. they wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a good picture, so this will have to do. you can kind of see it... oh, korea. you would.

probably my favorite part of our trip to everland -- and what made going in january totally worth it -- was the sledding. you grabbed a tube, waited in line, hooked it to the rope, and got pulled up the hill.

top of the hill! waiting to be told to get into place and slide down.

the second time we did the two-person tubes. managed to get a picture of kim and brianna as they hit the bottom of the hill. sooooo much fun.

please reenter after existing.

frozen but having fun.

everland! the view from high up by the entrance to one of the sledding hills. the rollercoasters weren't running, unfortunately. we figured it was probably because of the ice/snow/freezing weather. next time i'll go when it's warm outside.

we went on a handful of rides. definitely gravitated towards any that were indoors... besides the small world ride, a couple sledding hills, and the carousel, we walked through a fun house, saw a short 3-d movie, and went on a ride with a pretty clever rotating room trick -- the room rotated around us, but the seats tipped and tilted, so it felt like we were the ones rotating... and then we headed over to the zoo/safari section of the park.

another pretty cool thing we got to do was their safari ride. they have lions, tigers, a liger, and then a bunch of bears. we all piled into one of those buses with the huge windows and they drove us through the enclosed area where the animals live. the picture of the lion sitting is a pretty good representation of how close some of the animals were -- it was pretty awesome. i've never been that close to big cats before. the tiger at the bottom left was from another section -- he and a lion cub were in a cage together, just hanging out and prowling around. being adorable.

i wanna be this guy. seriously. what a life.

the monkey house was pretty cool, too. never been that close before.

fennec foxes! i neeeeeed them! all of them.

i very nearly bought these so i could have my very own fennec fox ears.

a musical show! pretty cute.

oh, everland. you were fun. it was cold, but still fun.

oh! one random/funny thing from our day at everland... when we were in one of the zoo animal buildings, guess what they had on display? next to the meerkats and tiger/lion cubs? dogs. yep. dogs. a small fluffy one and a long-haired daschund. because dogs are... zoo animals? we got a good laugh out of it. strange.

i'd definitely like to go back when the weather warms up. the rollercoasters are calling to me. even though we were freezing to death, it was a whole lot of fun. but round one at everland? a success.

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