Saturday, April 5, 2014

Monthly Photo Recap: March 2014

This month was surprisingly light on photo-taking. I can't think of a particular reason, though I suppose it was just a fairly boring month. And yet, it's flown by -- I can't believe it's already April! March saw the end of the wintery temperatures, which kept me inside most weekends. (I'm definitely happy that I've now seen the end of my last winter in Korea.) And now, with April comes the start of the fun festivals and events that make me loooove spring in Korea. The next couple months of photo recaps will definitely be much, much more exciting.

Now that my school is in Songdo, I've been taking a bus to work. Here's my ghost-like reflection in the sides of the phone booths right next to my bus stop. (Waiting for the bus gets boring.)

My littlest students are fascinated by the strange floor windows in the classrooms in the new building. I have to constantly tell them to get away from the windows at break time because they like to do this. Sigh.

This one was chasing me around with his sticky blue goop during break the other day. He's a sassy kid and while a super lazy student, is quite smart and funny if you talk about things he's interested in. 

"Let's have sandwich night," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. No one warned me about the food coma that would immediately follow sandwich night. So. Much. Food.

Possibly the most exciting moment of my month: EMMA IS COMING TO KOREA! She's taking the (very) long way home from her teaching job in France, stopping through Korea for a little over two weeks before returning to the States. I can't wait!!! May 1st!!!!!

Bringing back the 90s, one skirt at a time.

I've recently decided that while I like dogs better, I think I would prefer to be a cat because they sleep the majority of the time and that is relevant to my interests. 

Sunday morning, heading into Seoul, having difficulties. Being awake is just hard sometimes, especially when you can't get your sunglasses out of your hair. 

After attempting (and failing) to spy on the filming of "The Avengers 2," we settled instead for sunbathing by the Han River for a bit, enjoying the warmth and blue skies. 

And! The cherry blossoms are out! I can't wait to go back and see the full display of blossoms tomorrow. They're just so goddamn beautiful. 

Finally visited Seodaemun Prison and learned quite a bit more about Korea's history during the time of Japanese occupation in the first half of the 20th century. While depressing, I really like the museum they've created in the old prison and highly recommend it. Blog entry coming soon! 

Rounded out the month with a trip to Burger B in Hongdae because it's just so damn good. That milkshake was peanut butter and basically tasted like heaven. 

The walls of the subway stations around Korea are so photogenic -- and perfect backdrops for a photo! Corey took this one for me and I really, really like it. The random tile pattern is just awesome. 

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