Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monthly Photo Recap: April 2014

I know I seem to say this every month, but how is April already over?! The past few weeks have just flown by, which may partially be due to my excitement over my sister's visit. (She's here now!)

I've finally got an evening of downtime tonight since it's rainy outside, but we're going to watch a movie and bake banana bread tonight to gear up for the next two days of being busy. (Back-to-back holidays over here in Korea = four day weekend!) Here we go:

This cat is just so photogenic.

My selfie game is strong. (Mostly because I just centered this shot really well.) I'm pretty proud of this one -- all the lines and layers of reflections are just cool. 

I took an outrageous amount of photos of cherry blossoms this year. I might throw them all into a photo blog entry because why not.

Finally got to explore the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which is pretty cool both from the outside and on the inside. I definitely see myself going back and probably spending a lot of money on all the cool things in the shops. Blog entry all about it is scheduled for this week. :)

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is also full of great photo spots, such as these cubby holes that were definitely full of children. We did not even hesitate to climb in ourselves, obviously.

Hit up Gwangjang Market for dinner after the day in Dongdaemun, and I finally tried to "drug gimbap" -- blog entry coming later this week! 

More cherry blossoms. Can't stop, won't stop.

So we have a seriously legit Mexican restaurant in Songdo and it's already become a staple of my diet/life/existence. Living without Mexican food has been hard, y'all. 

Lanterns for Buddha's Birthday at Jogyesa! Waaaay more photos will be uploaded later this week once I sort through and edit them. It's my absolute favorite festival and I went nuts with taking pictures this year. 

More lanterns, being gorgeous.

Pre-lantern parade, which will also be covered in the future blog entry.

And last but not least, my Chungdahm branch is finally making the switch to the new "smart" curriculum. Should be interesting -- it's all tablets and smart TVs and stuff, which I think will actually be pretty cool. (Provided we don't have crazy technical issues, of course. Knock on wood...) Definitely curious to see how this'll go over with the kids as well as how I actually feel about it once we implement it in the classroom. 


  1. "My selfie game is strong." you > me. I can't stop laughing.