Monday, June 30, 2014

Monthly Photo Recap: May 2014, aka Emma's Visit

SO LATE with this recap. However, I was computerless for a couple weeks, so that seriously bungled my blogging aspirations. Also I'm lazy.

But! My computer is back and good as new, so it's time to play catch up.

May was a fun month, largely because Emma was visiting for two weeks of it. Having a visitor is always a nice distraction from everything else. And while it was bittersweet (because saying goodbye was basically a knife to the heart), it was really, really awesome to get to show her Korea and have some busy weekends of running around and sightseeing.

So, without apology, here's photos from May that are absolutely 90% related to Emma's visit.

Beginning with a picture of the cat! Not Emma.

We took an airport arrival picture, but we both look rough -- her because she'd just stepped off a plane and me because I was an emotional wreck that had been crying in anticipation of her arrival. So here was our first good seester picture of her trip. 

Rainy day on Wolmido, with cool clouds.

Lotteria, kind of like Korea's McDonald's, even tried to copy McD's little characters by making these creepy-ass ones. Emma wasn't into it.  

Exploring Bukchon Hanok Village! 

I just love Bukchon so much. 

We were getting pretty loopy by the end of the night, wandering around Insadong buying as many ice creams as we wanted. 

The beginning of lots and lots of purikura pictures. I could do an entire recap just of these pictures. 

This is known as our Disney Channel Original Movie movie poster. 

Nami Island! We had a good time wandering around.

It was a particularly beautiful day on Nami, too. 

While in the area of Nami, we also stopped by Petite France, unable to resist since Emma had just completed her teaching contract in France. It was... weird. And underwhelming. And full of truly terrifying statues and marionette dolls. Full blog coming soon. 

Teacher's Day passed sometime in the middle of the month, and some really sweet notes and presents were passed my way from some very thoughtful students. 

Sister funday! Playing in a mirror art installation in a subway station. 

Aaaaand more purikura. Can't stop, won't stop.

Emma in Hongdae, looking ~so cool~ in front of this mural. She a day or so after this was taken, which was a tearful goodbye at the airport. I wish she could've stayed longer, and I wish I'd had more time off to explore Korea with her. 

Another cat picture, for good measure.

The month ended with the end of a term at work, which meant saying goodbye to a couple coworkers that have meant so much to me during my entire time in Korea. It isn't the same without them, though I know they're having a wonderful time back home. We took this staff picture to commemorate the momentous farewell. 


  1. Nami island looks gorgeous!! I'll be visiting South Korea for the 1st time this November, would you recommend a packaged tour of Nami island in the Fall? I might not have the chance to go to Jeju...

    1. Nami is great! Honestly, you don't need to go with a tour group. It's very easy to get to from Seoul and the island is small. Everyone working there is really helpful and I think it would be best enjoyed on your own, without a tour. I wrote a longer entry about Nami when I first went there about a year ago, maybe it will help answer any questions you have:

  2. Hi Zannah :)

    Came across your blog as I was doing some online research on teaching in Korea! Still in the application process and hoping to be there soon! But, just wanted to say that I love your blog and all your pictures! xo

    1. Hi! Thanks so much!

      And yay for being in the application process for Korea! Very exciting. :)