Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i hate interviews. i hate giving them. i hate doing them. whenever we had to do interviews at my old job, it became a vicious (albeit quick) game of "not it."

i had my first interview yesterday with a recruiting company called footprints. it was one that came recommended by a friend and as far as interviews go, it went well. or at least i can only figure it did seeing as about six hours later i already had a welcome email from my very own placement coordinator. success! it was a pretty standard interview. "give me an example of a specific time when you had to mediate a conflict and what was the outcome?" and "why do you think you would be a good teacher?" etc.

i just had another interview with a second recruiting company, aclipse, and i think it went well? it was a slightly different interview style and format, but not in a bad way. some rapid-fire short answer questions and over the phone roleplaying, which were followed by the old standard questions. but overall, i think i didn't sound like a moron.

if i don't hear back from this second company, i'll submit applications to a couple more. it seems like the best way to approach finding a job over there is not to rely on just one recruiter.

fingers crossed.

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