Wednesday, June 15, 2011


so last thursday i sent off an application to the lovely people at aclipse so they could pass it along to chungdahm schools. resume, intro video, short essay, head shot, application form... and today i got an email from my recruiter saying chungdahm has made a job offer!!!

granted, this is sort of an offer to make an offer... this is all pending my paperwork going through and all that. i don't have any specifics about where i'll be or when i'm starting exactly, but the information aclipse sent me outlines the wages for either salaried or hourly and some of the financial expectations for living over there.

so i'm kind of really freaking out... in a completely good way. the really excited and happy kind of freaking out. even if this falls through or they don't end up offering what i want, at least i've officially received a job offer, meaning they DO want me!

!!!!!!!!!! = my excitement = this picture:

i look slightly deranged, but that's just because I AM SO EXCITED AND I CAN'T CONTAIN IT.

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