Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today I had my passport photo taken.

Photo clerk at Walgreens: So where are you traveling?
Me: I'm moving to South Korea, actually.
Clerk: Moving?! That's amazing! You young people should always take the opportunity to go abroad. I've been very fortunate in my life and I've been to many places. My son is living in Dubai right now and he travels all over.
Me: Yeah, I haven't had the opportunity to travel abroad yet, so this seems like something I can't pass up.
Clerk: What will you be doing in Korea?
Me: Teaching English.
Clerk: Oh, wow, that's wonderful. You look so young!
Me: Yeah... I get that... a lot...
Clerk: It's not a bad thing. But remember, you young people are the ambassadors of our country. Always remember that.
Me: Oh, I definitely will.
Clerk: Well, I wish you the best with your travels and adventures!

I like encounters with extremely friendly and interesting strangers.

The picture turned out okay. Could be better (I wish I didn't look sleepy). But could also definitely be way worse.

Tomorrow I head to the District Clerk's office to do the rest of the passport application process, then I head over to the police station downtown to get fingerprinted (they only fingerprint on Wednesdays?) so I can get my FBI background check sent off. Productivity! Yeah!

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