Monday, June 6, 2011

to do.

  1. go apply for a passport! (it only took me three hours of searching to find my birth certificate...)
  2. go get fingerprinted so i can send off for an fbi criminal background check. (note: emails from recruiters made it sound like you can waltz into your neighborhood police office for this -- not the case. do some research before going, not all stations offer this service and the ones that do sometimes only do it on certain days!)
  3. contact university for three sealed, official copies of my college transcript.
  4. take a "professional" looking headshot that will be shown to potential employers along with my resume.
  5. make a short introduction video that will also be sent to potential employers.
  6. start researching climate controlled storage facilities to compare prices.
  7. shop around for a good deal on some new luggage. (my only suitcase is getting raggedy.)
  8. take deep breaths.

aaaaaand this is just the beginning...

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