Thursday, June 16, 2011

excitement v. terror, volume one.

so as i waffle back and forth between absolute elation and blind panic, the support of my family and friends is reeeeally helping me move forward with my new plan.

getting the actual offer for a job yesterday felt amazing -- i was practically floating for the rest of the day. while my stomach immediately felt like a dozen rather antsy pterodactyls had hatched and were trying desperately to escape, it was that exhilarating sort of nervousness that is kind of fun.

but it also just made this so much more... real. the gin and tonics i knocked back last night were definitely to settle my nerves as much as they were celebratory.

i'm sure the next few months will see the pendulum swing quite a bit. accompanied by lots of deep breaths. and lots of thanks for all the support from the amazing people in my life. every "i'm so proud of you" and "this is going to be amazing and i'm super excited for you" really IS a help, so thank you, to every person who may be reading this, for the support.

and also, no being sad. it is not allowed. officially. not at least until, like, august. i'm determined to have the best summer ~ever, and i can't do that if my friends are getting all weepy. i love y'all, but let's hold off on that bit for a while, haha. <3

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