Friday, June 10, 2011

cops & zombies.

when i went to the district clerk's office at the courthouse to apply for a passport, i had to pass through security. completely forgetting about the swiss army knife attached to my keys, the three cops at the x-ray/metal detector made me go put it in my car before i could go upstairs. but they were really nice about it.

me: (coming back inside, pocket knife-less) ooookay, let's try this again.
cop 1: (watching my stuff go through the x-ray) you're all clear!
me: good!
cop 2: at lease you're prepared!
cop 1: definitely a good thing.
me: yes. always with a pocket knife. i am my father's daughter.
cop 3: yeah. (really serious tone/expression) because you really don't know when the zombie apocalypse is going to break out.
me: (equally serious, nodding) exactly. you have to be ready.
all three: you do.

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