Sunday, May 29, 2011

getting started.

so, i've decided i'm moving to south korea. when? remains to be determined. how? well, i'm working on that.

i feel like my life has reached a bit of a dead end. i could continue to live in austin, find a job that would probably be okay, hopefully save some money... but i wouldn't be teaching. the school districts in the austin area still aren't hiring new teachers. so since i'm basically spinning my wheels, i've made the conclusion that this is the best possible time for me to have an adventure.

after exhaustive research, south korea seems to be the way to go. i'd love to teach in europe, but from what i've read, i wouldn't have much opportunity to save money. i'd just be breaking even. and my student loan and car payments tell me i need to have a little extra cash so i can make those payments.

so far i've applied to two different recruiting agencies that have come recommended by friends. i have one interview on monday and another on tuesday. fingers crossed! i did speak with a guy at the international tefl academy and he was very encouraging. he reiterated that my desire to be a teacher as my actual occupation will make me much more attractive to potential employers. i sure hope he's right.

i'm setting up this blog now as a way to record the process of getting to korea. hopefully, i'll land a job and be moving there this fall. the lease on my apartment is up at the end of august, so the timing is right for me to go sooner rather than later.

so... here we go.