Monday, September 26, 2011

i just got a phone call from korea!

ben from the chungdahm hq in seoul just gave me a call to see if i had any questions about my contract or incheon. i'm still reviewing the contract (with the assistance of my mom and a couple lawyerly friends), so he assured me that i could email him with any questions i come up with.

i know i can't negotiate the contract, but it definitely doesn't hurt to be fully aware of every little rule and stipulation, you know?

he was able to tell me that the branch i'll be working for is one that only has classes monday-friday. he mentioned that could always change, but it's unlikely. so, that's awesome! chungdahm branches are often open on the weekends as well, which i was fine with, but i'm not going to complain about having weekends off!

i'm getting more and more excited. also terrified. but as this is all becoming more real, i'm definitely feeling more excitement than panic.

Friday, September 23, 2011


last night i received an email from chungdahm telling me i'll be working at a branch in incheon starting this november!!! november 28th will be my first day of teaching and i'll need to arrive about a week prior for a bit of training.

it's seriously such a relief to finally have a timeline. now i can really plan out my last couple months in the states.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my fbi background check just came in the mail.

dear universe,

you're hilarious.



dear fbi,

you started processing my background check on june 20th. you supposedly mailed it on august 17th. but i never received it. then i asked you to send me a new one. that was on august 29th. you said it would take "about one week." i still haven't gotten it.

i have called you five times so far. don't make me do it again.


dear postal service,

you are not blameless in this debacle. why did you lose my original background check? please don't lose the second one. please.

also, i'm sorry you're having such a shit time right now. good luck.