Thursday, July 14, 2011

The waiting game.

I mailed off a handful of documents nearly two weeks ago. All visa-related stuff. But we're pretty much at a standstill until my criminal background check comes back through, which will probably take a few more weeks.

I am going crazy.

Being unemployed is finally weighing on me, I think. As much as I love sleeping late, marathoning entire seasons on tv shows, having ample time to read and draw... the lack of apparent forward momentum right now is making me antsy. Not in a bad way. I'm not sinking into a deep depression of angst and listlessness. But in the impatient sort of way. I want to make plans and shop for luggage and buy an ereader and start sorting through my things and testing out spacebags. But I feel like that's all kind of premature. I'm afraid to get ahead of myself, in case this all somehow falls through.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be stuck just waiting for a few weeks later on, too. Once my background check IS finished and the visa paperwork is ready to go, I'll have to be patient with the visa process.

It all just seems soooo far away and it's taking foooreeeeveeeer and so I keep throwing silent hissy fits because I'm just so booooored and ready to goooooooooooo. Wah wah wah.

Okay, I'm done acting like a child. For now.